Garlic Pizza Bread i dream of pizza.jpg

Cheesy Garlic Pizza Bread

Freshly Baked Bread made with our signature hand tossed pizza dough topped with Fresh Garlic Butter, little bit of premium pizza sauce and 100% Mozzarella cooked to perfection. Available in 7"and 14"


Heavenly Bread

Garlic butter, herbs & spices, premium pizza sauce, honey, mozzarella cheese. Available in 10" size


East Cost Garlic Fingers i dream of pizza.jpg

East Coast Garlic Fingers

Garlic butter, herbs & spices, extra mozzarella cheese. Cut in to fingers. Available in 7" & 12" size. Option to add bacon.




Chicken Peppolicious i dream of pizza.jpg

Chicken Peppolicious

Bite size sweet peppers stuffed with chicken, bacon, basil and mozzarella cheese topped with parmesan and Italian seasoning. Available in 10pcs and 20pcs (KETO)


Loaded Potato Skins I Dream of Pizza Sherwood Park

Loaded Potato Skins

Potato shells loaded with 3 Cheese or Bacon and Cheddar, topped with fresh basil and comes with sour cream dip on side.4pcs.


Chicken Fingers i dream of pizza.jpg

Chicken Fingers

Oven baked crispy breaded chicken fillets. 5pcs. comes with potato fries and plum sauce and ketchup on side.


chicken poppers  i dream of pizza.jpg

Swiss Chicken Poppers

Chicken balls stuffed with swiss cheese and back bacon. Available in 6pcs and 12pcs


Pork Ribs i dream of pizza

Sea Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs

Oven baked delicious pork ribs with sea salt and pepper flavor 275gm.


French Fries i dream of pizza

Potato Fries

Air fried crispy potato fries comes with Ketchup dip. Upgrade size for $2.99+ Charge


Donair Dippers

Garlic butter, herbs & spices, extra mozzarella cheese. Cut in to fingers. Available in 7" & 12" size. Option to add bacon.


Thai Chicken Bites  i dream of pizza.jpg

Thai Chicken Bites

Bite size breaded boneless chicken pieces tossed in Thai sauce with sesame seeds and crispy tortilla strips.


calzone  i dream of pizza.jpg

Calzone Any Pizza

choose any pizza for calzone. 8" oven baked pizza sandwich




Santa Fe Chicken Salad i dream of pizza.jpg

Santa fe Chicken Salad

Lemon pepper chicken, mixed greens, dates, cherry tomato, corn, avocado, tortilla strips, feta, lime wedge & Santa Fe Dressing


Peanu Crunch Salad I Dream of Pizza Sherwood Park

Peanut Crunch Salad

Fresh bocconcini, chickpeas, red onion, crispy tortilla strips, fresh chopped romaine, zesty peanut dressing


Garden Fresco Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken, romaine, baby spinach, red onion, green pepper, sweet red pepper, cherry tomato, parmesan, italian dressing


Roasted Chickpea Greek Salad i dream of pizza.jpg

Roasted Chickpea Greek Salad

Fresh chopped romaine, baby spinach, roasted chickpea, cucumber, feta, red onion, cherry tomato and greek dressing


Field Greens Salad

Field mix, toasted pumpkin seeds, cucumber, grape tomato, avocado, feta, balsamic glaze


Caesar Salad  i dream of pizza.jpg

Caesar Salad

Fresh copped romaine, bacon strip, croutons, parmesan and caesar dressing. Available with Chicken




Quesadilla i dream of pizza.jpg

Meat Lovers

Pepperoni, Italian Sausage Chunks, Bacon, Pork, Red Onion, Ranch sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar. comes with fries, salsa, sour cream and ketchup on side


Quesadilla i dream of pizza.jpg

Veggie Delight

Baby spinach, mozzarella, onion, green pepper, black olive, corn, tomato, cheddar, Ranch


Grilled Chicken Chipotle

Grilled Chicken, Red onion, Green Pepper, Peruvian Pepper, Roasted Chipotle, Mozzarella, Cheddar.


Pesto Chicken

Grilled Chicken, Pesto, Mozzarella, Green Pepper, Premium
tomato sauce, Cheddar




Chicken Wings i dream of pizza.jpg

Classic Wings

Oven Baked, juicy premium quality chicken wings, comes in 8 /16/ 24pcs

Flavors: Honey Chipotle • Hot BBQ • Zeasty Peanut • BBQ • Buffalo Hot • Buffalo Mild • Sriracha • Peri Peri• Roasted Chipotle • Teriyaki • Sweet & Spicy Thai • Butter Chicken • Honey Garlic • Honey Garlic Sriracha• Chili Lime • Sweet Asian • Ginger Lemon Pepper • Maple Bacon • Dil Pickle • Mango Habanero • Cajun • Salt & Pepper


Boneless Bites

Oven Baked, tempura coated boneless chicken bites, comes in 8 /16/ 24pcs

Flavors: Honey Chipotle • Hot BBQ • Zeasty Peanut • BBQ • Buffalo Hot • Buffalo Mild • Sriracha • Peri Peri
• Roasted Chipotle • Teriyaki • Sweet & Spicy Thai • Butter Chicken • Honey Garlic • Honey Garlic Sriracha
• Chili Lime • Sweet Asian • Ginger Lemon Pepper • Maple Bacon • Dil Pickle • Mango Habanero • Cajun • Salt & Pepper




7"     10"     12"     14"

7.99   17.99   21.99  25.99

Dream Royal pizza.jpg

Dream Royal

Pepperoni, ham, shrimps, black olives,
onion, green peppers, mushroom

Apricot Chicken

Grilled chicken, red onion, green pepper, apricot drizzle

Thai Chicken

Spicy peanut sauce, grilled chicken, cherry tomato, chickpea, sesame seeds, coriander

Hawaiian Breeze

Ham, pineapple, cheddar cheese, cheese stuffed piquante peppers

Lotsa Meatza

Pepperoni, italian sausage, ground beef, pork, ham, bacon crumble

Heavenly Bite

Garlic butter, herbs & spices, honey, crispy fried onion, fresh basil, mozzarella, bacon strip, extra virgin olive oil

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Creamy ranch sauce, grilled chicken, bacon crumble, red onion, artichoke hearts, crispy tortilla strips


Roasted chipotle sauce, baby spinach, grilled chicken, cherry tomato, artichoke hearts, fresh bocconcini

I Dream of Veggies

Fresh basil, onion, green pepper, mushroom, black olive, tomato, corn, stuffed piquante peppers

Fiery Fantasy

Pepperoni, spicy meatball, onion, italian sausage, banana peppers, chili flakes

Regina Magherita

Premium pizza sauce, cherry tomato, fresh basil, fresh bocconcini extra virgin olive oil [No Cheese]

Cheesy Chomp

Extra mozzarella, cheddar cheese, parmesan


Buffalo hot sauce, cactus potato,
Buffalo chicken, red onion, green pepper

Honey Garlic Chicken

Honey garlic sauce, grilled chicken, pineapple, almond flakes

Perogy De Lux

Sour cream sauce, cactus potato, bacon, red onion, bacon strip, mushroom, sour cream drizzle

New York Love

Pepperoni, mushroom, extra mozzarel


Pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, ground beef, meatball, bacon, onion, green pepper, basil, stuffed piquante peppers, peruvian red pepper

Double Donair Dose

Donair sauce, double layer of donair meat, red onion, tomato

Pesto Chicken

Pesto + pizza sauce, grilled chicken, green olive, artichoke, cherry tomato, feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil

Louisiana Shrimp

garlic butter, black pepper, shrimp, red onion, tomato (no pizza sauce)

Tandoori Chicken

Pizza sauce, tandoori chicken, red onion, tomato, fresh coriander, sour cream drizzle

Hot N Spicy

Garlic butter, chili chicken, onion, green pepper ,jalapeno, chili flakes

Indian Butter Chicken

Butter chicken sauce, grilled chicken, red onion, green pepper, roasted red pepper

Smoky BBQ Chicken

BBq sauce, onion, green pepper, bacon bits, grilled chicken

Greek Delight

Pesto sauce + premium pizza sauce,
feta cheese, baby spinach, green pepper, cherry tomato, black olive

Ultimate Shrimp

Shrimps, red onion, green pepper, roasted red pepper, mushroom

I Dream of Pepperoni

Deli style pepperoni, extra cheese, pepperoni

Canadian King

Pepperoni, bacon, mushroom, bacon strip

Partito Saporito

Baby spinach, pepperoni, ham, italian sausage, bacon, red onion, mushroom, stuffed piquante pepper

Triple Treat

Pepperoni, green pepper, mushroom

Chicken Carbonara

Alfredo sauce, chicken, bacon, mushroom, fire roasted red pepper, parmesan

Ultimate Shrimp

Shrimps, red onion, green pepper, roasted red pepper, mushroom


Roasted chipotle sauce, Italian sausage, red onion, banana pepper, cherry tomato, chili flakes

Thai Shrimp

peanut sauce, shrimp, onion, cherry tomato, chickpeas, cilantro, sesame seeds

My Chicken Affair

Grilled chicken, basil, onion, green pepper, mushroom, peruvian red pepper



german chocolate cake i dream of pizza.jpg

German Chocolate Cake

Silky smooth custard filling sandwiched between two layers of dark, moist chocolate cake topped with coconut, pecans and a rich caramel drizzle.


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Rich toffee sauce flowing over layers of a dark, lightly-spiced sponge cake.


Coco Brownie

A fusion of moist dark fudge and 
golden brownies, with toasted 
coconut crust.




Stuffed Crust Pizza i dream of pizza

Pizza Crusts

• Classic (All Size)
• Thin Crust (L / XL)
• Garlic Parmesan (L:$3/ XL: $4)
• Cheese/ Spicy Cheese Stuffed (L:$3/ XL: $4)
• Cheese/ Spicy Stuffd w/ Gar. Pam. (L:$6/ XL: $7)
• Pepperoni Cheese Stuffed (L:$5/ XL: $6)
• Pepperoni Cheese Stuffd w Gar. Pam (L:$7/ XL: $8)
• Bacon Cheese Stuffed (L:$5/ XL: $6)
• Bacon Cheese Stuffed w/ Gar. Pam. (L:$7/ XL: $8)

• Gluten Free (M: $3)
• Gluten Free Almond Flour Crust (L: $7)
• KETO Crustless (L :$2/ XL:$3)
• KETO Crust (L: $7) Net Carb: 6g/Crust 11.5"
• Cauliflower (M: $5) KETO Friendly / Gluten Free
• Broccoli Cheddar Crust (M: $5) KETO Friendly /Gluten Free available
• Vegan Crust (L: $7)

Base Sauces

Authentic Pizza Sauce, Roasted Chipotle Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Donair Sauce, Butter Chicken Sauce, Alfredo Sauce, Creamy Ranch Sauce, Asian Peanut Sauce, Buffalo Hot Sauce, Honey Garlic Sauce, Sour Cream Sauce, Pesto + Pizza Sauce, Pesto Sauce


Pepperoni, Ham, Italian Sausage, Meatball, Bacon, Ground Beef, Bacon Strip, Grilled Chicken, Pork, Donair Meat, Chili Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Deli Style Pepperoni, Tandoori Chicken, Shrimps 

Red Onion, Green Pepper, Mushroom, 

Tomato, Roasted Red Pepper, 

Fresh Tomato, Corn, Pineapple, 

Black Olives, Green Olives,

Fresh Basil, Baby Spinach, Jalapeno,

Banana peppers, Cheese Stuffed

Piquante Peppers, Peruvian Red Pepper,

Artichoke Hearts, Cherry Tomato, 

Cactus Potato, Fresh Bocconcini, 

Crispy Fried Onion, Extra Mozzarella,  Feta Cheese, Parmesan, Cheddar, Garlic

Butter, fresh Coriander, Fresh romaine, Crispy Tortilla Strips, Crispy Fried Onion, Almond Flakes, Sour Cream Drizzle